CHAPTER 1.8: Hold me tight

Imagine, if you would, a world where it hadn’t been five years since the last update of the Nubbins.

Also imagine a world where it actually had been over five years, but where I went as far as to install Sims 3 for the sole purpose of retrieving otherwise irretrievable information in order to bring the Nubbins, in all their glory, into the future.



*explosions and fireworks and a ticker-tape parade*

Now I can’t say with certainty how the Nubbins feel about this development, necessarily.

1-07-25-18_5-39-59 PM

VERA: My face feels weird.

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CHAPTER 1.7: And I’ll send all my lovin’ to you

Welcome back to the story of the Nubbins!  Last time, the triplets and Vera all aged up spectacularly.  Vera met some men folk with potential (?) and that was about the extent of our excitement.  Yawn.


GARRETT: Guys, what’s that smell?


GIDEON: *sniffs*


GIDEON: I can appreciate the irony that one of our spelling words this week is “deodorant”.  You should look into that, Garrett.

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So here’s the sitch.  I had a kid back in June.  She’s pretty freaking awesome.  I’ve been spending most of my time with her, and seeing as how the Sims is installed on hubby’s computer in the basement (heretofore referred to as The Cave) I haven’t had much time to be Simming and WordPressing.  The Cave is dark and scary and though I used to while away hours of time on his kick ass computer, maternal instincts dictate that this is now unacceptable.  I haven’t forgotten the Nubbins though, and I can’t want to load up Supernatural and Seasons (provided I get them for Christmas.  If I don’t my family sucks.)  UNTIL THEN.


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CHAPTER 1.6: If I fell in love with you

When we last left the Nubbins some thirteen months ago (Whoops.  Sorry? >>), they were dealing with the addition of three new little boys, much to their chagrin.  But Ned and Linda kept rolling WooHoo! and Have a Baby wants so it’s really their own fault.

Linda: What I DIDN’T do was ask you to give me the Fertility Treatment. 😡

Well.  That is true.  Touché.

At any rate, just as Vera had predicted, albeit unconsciously, this chapter resumes with a birthday party.  Vera was dressed in her best party attire.


Vera: My brother is ruining my big day and you want to talk about my outfit?  Take a good look at the lunatic behind me; clearly I have good, positive influences.

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CHAPTER 1.5: Nothin’s gonna change my world

So despite the wailing of three very annoyed (neglected?) infants, Linda still strived to give Vera the best birthday possible. 


Crazy blonde guy wanted in on the action.


Vera: Hehe momma, he’s funny.  For some reason I want to touch him…

Linda: Bring that hand back here.  He’s what we call a CHI-LD-MO-LES-TER.  Can you say that with me?

Vera: No, you never taught me to talk.

Linda: Fair enough.

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CHAPTER 1.4: It’s been a hard day’s night

Last time we left the elusive Nubbins, they were contemplating tossing their new offspring out the window, criminal charges be damned.  That was several months ago in real time, so here’s a brief recap of life in the Nubbin household so far:

  • Ned is no Casanova.  He spent a good portion of his Legacy life being rejected and/or threatened with violence.
  • But he managed to catch the eye of Miss Linda Sala, local pizza delivery gal.
  • He wooed her with his extensive collection of Miley Cyrus hits (?!)
  • She also somehow agreed to marry him, and perhaps more distressing, have intimate relations with him.  More than once, even.
  • One such union resulted in pregnancy.  Linda was less than thrilled.
  • They both reconsidered the notion of child-rearing when they realized just how badly little Vera smelled.

At any rate, they made it to their humble abode with no participation in Infant-Tossing Olympics, and baby Vera was left to rot in her crib instead.


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CHAPTER 1.3: She loves you, and you know that can’t be bad

Things seemed to be looking up for Ned Nubbins, the last time we saw him.  He’d met, bedded and successfully proposed to Miss Linda Sala, the only women brave (stupid?) enough to give Ned the time of day.  An impressive feat to be sure.

Having earned himself a bit of capital, Ned was able to afford outdoor lighting, with which to seduce Linda after their engagement.


Ned: Clearly I have money and can support us, Linda.  Look at this spectacular lighting! I think it’s a much better investment than the glitz and glamour of a wedding.  This is our FUTURE.


Clearly Linda doesn’t seem to mind.

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